Monday, May 10, 2010

3 inch rough sawn spruce deck.

This deck is amazing. Constructed of rough sawn 3 inch spruce, the boards look like reclaimed wood. This deck feels like you are on the deck at Sundance (if you've ever been there) or on the deck of a old rugged ship. Truly beautiful, structurally impenetrable, these decks have a timeless, solid feel that make redwood 2 x 6 feel like little twigs. I would love to be installing this kind of decking and will encourage my clients to consider it if it works with the construction of their house.

I applied a coat of Sikkens Log home coating in the dark oak tint. This product has a sheen to it, and creates a coating on the deck instead of just soaking in. I am curious to see how it will hold up since film forming coatings tend to crack and peel in an exterior setting (see below).

The deck had an interior tinted oil urethane already on it, which is why we went with a similar product but in an exterior grade. We prepped the deck with a scuff sand so the new coating would bond better, followed by pressure washing to remove debri that would interfere with the coating.

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