Saturday, March 10, 2012

Timber frame addition

This was an upper level addition where we were able to level and support the existing lower deck in the process. We used 6" rough sawn timbers for the main supports and mortise and tenon joints into both decks and the railing to allow for expansion and contraction. This method of construction is increasingly rare but provides much better strength and longer life than a bracket or butt joint. Plus it looks awesome...
Perpendicular to the house we used 10" rough cedar facing.

Gotta love working in the mountains!

Rail caps mortised into the timber.

Some really pretty pieces of common redwood. We use common redwood more strategically than most builders. Common redwood has the blond color and is pretty when used as an accent with heart redwood as the main flooring. Common redwood is not as rot resistant or as strong as heart red wood.

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