Sunday, December 15, 2013

A slice of ipe...

This job was awesome for many of the same reasons that this job was amazing: great clients, timing, and dealing with a high quality product made this job super enjoyable. 

Post placement can be a somewhat challenging aspect of deck construction. On this job there were many subterranian obstacles such as gas lines, foundations, and large boulders which limited our options and forced us to install footings in slightly less than ideal locations. 

This resulted in some added creativity in building the framing, which we love, because lack of creativity is boring. Also, we are wizards.   

Result: a floating (unattached to house), double cantilevered pressure treated frame that is bomb proof and rock solid with zero movement. We used 6" and 4" head lock spider drives for flush mount facing and ease of installation. It is my belief that these screws are equally strong compared to regular lags in certain framing applications. Many of my colleagues agree on this point as well. 

This deck was located next to a pool, which is a great location for ipe or other tropical hardwoods due to their ability to resist moisture related issues.  

We used 2.5" trim head stainless screws for the top sheet, with an 1/8 inch counter sink.  This conceals the head just enough to allow for sanding if needed down the road.  Countersinks with ipe leave a crisp, durable edge compared to softer wood.
Check out our screw pattern on the outer edge of the deck: 

Before staining:

After staining:

A benefit of the cantilevered face is the pressure treated 4 x 4 post is recessed and not visible. 

All you see is ipe...

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