Saturday, April 24, 2010

About our name...

There has been a bit of confusion about our name(s) that we advertise under. Here's the scoop. We are started with Park City Deck Stylists in 2002 as a deck refinishing company. Since then, we have gradually added interior wood sanding and refinishing, mostly hardwood flooring. We also install both decks and floors now as well.

We added Park City Wood Stylists as a way to reach out more accurately to our market. Basically, if you have, or want semi-transparent, translucent, or clear coated wood surfaces in your home, we can install, restore, or maintain those surfaces. Park City Deck Stylists is our original name and we have many loyal clients who know us by that name, so we continue to use both names. Park City Wood Stylists when we are working on interior projects, and Park City Deck Stylists if we are working outside.

Our web sites:

Our legal structure:
McAffee, llc DBA Park City Deck Stylists, DBA Park City Wood Stylists
I really hope that clears things up. The thing that matters most is that under either name we are the same professional, dedicated, and talented company!

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