Saturday, April 24, 2010

Industry insight

Well, if you were directed here by my web site, you are probably expecting to see some industry insights...

Insight for today

We offer two distinct types of maintenance after our restorations.

1. Pressure wash with TSP, scrub brush, re-coat with penetrating oil stain to match existing topcoat. *Lowest price*

Very minimal labor and we can give the best price out there on this service guaranteed. Must be done before oxidization has begun and care must be taken to avoid over-application in non weathered areas. 18 months is an ideal time frame for this in south/west facing decks and up to three years on covered decks.

2. Orbital sand, pressure wash, re-coat with penetrating oil stain to match existing topcoat.
About 50% more, but should be done less frequently.

About 50% more labor and materials, this option is good for decks that we have restored that have even exposure, and the topcoat has broken down sufficiently to remove with our orbital floor machine. After removing the topcoat, we pressure wash and brighten, then fully saturate the wood with stain.

The effect is having that freshly sanded redwood look without the cost of restoration. This is possible because we have already set all the fasteners, removed any hard to remove top coats like paint or solid stain, and flattened out any boards that had become rigid. This process is suggested at 24 months and also prior to any oxidization that has occurred.

Notice one small caveat in those descriptions. These procedures are for decks that we have done restoration on! This means we have countersunk the screws and rotary sanded all the existing top coat and oxidized wood and applied the penetrating oil stain made by the brand we like. We usually suggest full sanding for all new clients but don't worry: If your deck is in decent shape at all, this WON'T HURT A BIT!

Spring is here! Let's whip those decks into shape!

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